Up-skill your sales force and support teams to be more authentic by finding their WOW factor. shows you how to access powerful programmes and courses to help you build your business into a successful enterprise.

Gain greater confidence and become more productive. Learn to engage with clients and customers with humility and integrity, building stronger connections and relationships.

I provide an extensive range of training courses and consultancy services to clients in the Far North of the North Island and throughout New Zealand.

Courses cover many areas including Sales Training, Business Development, Customer Service Training, Presentation Training. I go out of my way to customise what I provide you with to fully meet your specific requirements.  Team courses, one-on-one coaching, half-day courses, whole day courses , courses over two days; whatever is perfect  to meet your needs and make your teams far more confident and productive by developing their WOW factor to engage customers and clients for long term prosperity.

To give back to our communities. workshops are provided at 2/3rds discount to the normal cost  This shares the corporate education programs with our youth, to build their confidence and clarity of purpose either to study for a profession or to develop their own businesses through workshops and youth events.

Angie Norman.

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Mike Handcock is a specialist in Conscious Leadership, using Cutting Edge Technologies.


Elias Kanaris is an Author, Speaker, Trainer and Coach. He is a thought leader in the area of leadership and team building, specialising on the topics of developing leadership and making more profit. 

Angela Norman


Angela mentors and inspires others to STAND TALL.

She has helped build confidence and resilience in hundreds of clients.

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